Illuminati Pendulum Of Power Symbol

The Pendulum

Global change, generational transfer of power

Crowns have passed through thousands of kings and queens, each different from the previous. Like the pendulum of a clock, power swings from one side to the other in an endless passing of time. It creates a balance between two opposing forces – each side relying on the other to maintain order.

Neither side is entirely right or wrong, but neither side can relent. If the pendulum ceases to sway, the clock ceases to function.

Time is a powerful revelator. This planet has overcome millennia of hardships and survived disasters more devastating than the wars recorded by history. Humanity has faced its worst leaders, its worst regimes, its worst obstacles, and survived to become stronger. Though the portraits inside the palaces may change, and the names on the maps may be altered, humanity’s clock will continue uninterrupted.

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