To all who read this:

The Illuminati welcome you with light and appreciation for your efforts to further the human species.

Although our organization has required a cloak of secrecy for many centuries, we recently began to experiment with a more transparent communication between us and the citizens we govern. While our operations remain confidential, we’ve found that in this age of widespread communication, secrecy is often more of a burden than a benefit. Whispers are hard to discern, and inaccurately overheard.

We hope to put an end to the misconceptions about members of the Illuminati. Through our new outreach, we have found many to not only be open to learning the truth, but to accept and reflect the light onto others. In just one week, our first social profile @ILLUMINATIAM reached over 20,000 individuals around the planet: celebrities, politicians, artists, citizens, and leaders alike.

Following this success, we have decided to open our doors even further. Through the launch of our second official social media profile, the Illuminati aim to become even closer to you, our citizens, via the powers of video.

Our video recordings will be made available soon, but we wanted you — the First Twenty Thousand — to know of the channel before our official announcement to the media. Our videos will be found here:

We invite you to tell your friends and associates. You are mirrors to the light: you shine the glow into still-darkened places.

We thank you for your kind reception and look forward to communicating with you further. We are always watching out for you.


The contents of this page have been archived. Some of the information presented may be outdated or incorrect. For current information, visit our homepage.

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