Fear not for your war-stricken, poverty-ridden planet: help is on the way.

The Illuminati is an elite collective of leaders entrusted to protect the 7 billion members of the human species. Our path for humanity — the Universal Design — has spanned throughout centuries to safeguard humanity from extinction. The scale of our operations require anonymity, leaving history with no mention of our work.

But the time for secrecy is nearing its end. 

Now Is The Time To Prepare

This planet is meant for greatness: a world rich enough for all people, in all places, to live in Abundance. A new dawn approaches, and though you may feel insignificant, you are an integral part of its future.

Illuminatiam — the Illuminati's first testament to the world — is your life’s guide to all that is ahead:

• The Illuminati's role in the preservation of the human species

• Decades-old secrets of power and Abundance

• How to join the Illuminati in the coming age

• Your true purpose in our Universal Design

Chapters Include:

• The Age Of Illuminatiam

• The White Room

• Methods Of Mind Control

• How You Are Watched

• The Need For Hardships

• The Secret Of Power

• The Future Of This Planet

• The God Conundrum

• How To Join The Illuminati

• A Beacon For The Light

• Finding Purpose

Begin Your Life's Journey

Millions of people from all walks of life have committed themselves to the Illuminati's global work for the betterment of the human species. By forgoing all divisions of religious, geographical, or political beliefs, followers of Illuminatiam strive to form a planet where all people, in all places, can live in Abundance.




We invite you to discover more
about our organization and to
understand your role in our
Universal Design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Illuminatiam available in my country?

ILLUMINATIAM is available to any country with a national postal system.

Are there other testaments from the Illuminati?

Not at this time.

If the knowledge inside this Testament is valuable, why is the price low?

As a part of our continuing efforts of outreach to our citizens, the Illuminati has made the Testament available to all people in all economic situations. Design, printing, and shipping of the Testament are managed by our partners with delivery networks that reach nearly every corner of the globe. As the Illuminati has no need for profits, our partners’ costs to distribute the Testament are greatly reduced.

Is the Testament available for digital download?

As the Testament is intended for physical reading and study, and many of the keys inside of it can only function when printed, a digital version of the book is not available at this time.

Can I receive the Testament for free?

The production of each Testament includes our manufacturing partners’ costs to design, print, package, and deliver. While the Illuminati has no need for profits, our manufacturing partners must balance these costs.

See: the Tenet of Value & Trade

How do I use the symbol keys inside the Testament?

Further information regarding the keys will be made available in 2015.

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